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xubuntu-16.04.3 installed...Possible memory issues?

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xubuntu-16.04.3 installed...Possible memory issues?

Beitragvon blackcats » 01.12.2017, 17:26

Hello again. I am back with a series of new quires. I got the Distro with the firewall working and I start playing around. You know gmail, youtube, etc.

Well I start with Youtube. I love the fifties and earlier black and white movies. Awesome cars. I get playing a vid and then it starts freezing. I am getting the sound but the pictures is not moving. hmmmm, seams like a memory issue.

I am running a Packard Bell Easynote E4710, (UK keyboard), 32 bit, Intel Pentium M 1.40 GHz, yup had to force the PAE. Comes up with 736 MB of RAM. Weird number I know. So I do a little digging around and find mrmemory in the UK. I can install up to 1GB so I think lets get this baby running at full steam, why not.

After all we got the dinosaur up and running again. So, I learn about the "sudo lshw" command to see what type of hardware is running in this old beast. I start reading though it. Not that I understand it but there was a common thread width:32 bit. Until it came to the memory, it's reading width:64 bit. hmmmm, How does that fit?

So I start thinking maybe someone tried to upgrade the RAM at some time and put in the wrong modules. The disk is caching the whole time and now she froze up.

Did I follow the clues or are we dealing we something else here. Last message was that mozilla can not find the server. Which I know is available as all my other devices are working fine.

Going for a reboot and try that again....
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